We are now accepting applications to TCEL’s 2021 Virtual Internship Programs.

The Pursuit of Excellence – Essence highlights TCEL’s 2020 virtual internship program

Using Your Voice to Ignite Change

Listen to our founder Mary Stutts feature on W20 Group’s podcast What 2 Know.

Hello There! Welcome to The Center for Excellence in Life.

The Center for Excellence in Life (TCEL) where power meets excellence to give voice to what’s possible….

We focus on parlaying individual uniqueness to create a life and career path that is internally and externally transformative.

TCEL’s mission is to mentor, inspire and empower youth as well as current and aspiring professionals in the unstoppable pursuit of excellence through cultivating creative, academic, professional, entrepreneurial and life skills. Utilizing a diverse curricula of programs, workshops, materials and activities:

  • Youth are exposed and immersed in academic enhancement, skills strengthening, job shadowing, sports, music, dance, virtual learning and social etiquette
  • Adult Professionals are prepared to excel with career coaching, critical thinking, embracing and debating diverse ideas, projecting power, communicating effectively,  emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial and business skills development.


Discovering Individual Uniqueness

Through a combination of mentoring and coaching we help participants develop valuable tools in personal and career preparation caches.



Seeing Beyond Walls

A broad spectrum of activities, conferences, trainings, projects provide mind-building exposure to diverse experiences, ideas, people, cultures, innovations and technologies.



Power to Transform

Dialogue and assessments are used to assure participants are aware of how they “show up” in various situations, environments and conversations.



Mentoring + Exposure + Awareness = Voice!

The ultimate goal is to pull out the creative, courageous, confident, unique voice of participants so that they become unstoppable in the pursuit of excellence!

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