Programs: “What We Offer”


Even the most prepared person cannot excel if mental, physical or emotional well-being is not maintained. Our goal is to help youth and professionals live well, connect well, compete well. To achieve an excellent life youth need to live smoke free, drug free and risk free while also experiencing mental and spiritual excellence. Professionals need to perfect their executive presence, create a personal brand and design a career development plan for success in the future. Interwoven throughout all TCEL programs are the motivational and inspiring principles of accountability, caring for others, mutual respect, honesty and giving while also teaching stress reduction and faith-based concepts.

TCEL Virtual Internships

TCEL’s Virtual Internships offer high school students and college freshmen and sophomores summer internships in STEM, Communications, Fashion, Digital Entertainment and more.  Everyone accepted into the Virtual Internship program will also receive a stipend.
July  – August, 2021 TCEL Virtual Summer Internships
Spend your summer preparing for your future!


TCEL workshops for youth and professionals combine high energy, physical activities and transformative thinking with social etiquette, networking skills and inspirational teaching, personal branding and career development planning that build confidence, mutual respect and social graces needed to excel.

STEAM Campaign (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

This program will partner with online learning via gaming programs to increase youth’s proficiency in STEM. Our Girls Rock STEM campaign is designed to increase the numbers of women and girls in STEM education and careers.


Music, Poetry, Theater, Art, Photography and Fashion Design skills are nurtured and encouraged at Open Stage Workshops.

Community Involvement

Working together, our youth and professionals can change the world. We involve them in dialogues to identify issues that matter most to them and to raise awareness around community-based needs. TCEL’s community involvement programs provide opportunities for youth and professionals to volunteer in the community and become advocates for social causes impacting youth, victims of violence, abuse or natural disasters.

Field Trips

TCEL Board and volunteers curate a diverse set of outings, conferences, entrepreneur roundtables, sports activities and events to assure youth and professionals eyes, hearts and minds are open to the endless possibilities available to them.

TCEL Showcase

Annually TCEL hosts a showcase event for youth and professionals to reward, recognize and showcase creative skills in arts, entertainment, music, fashion, prose and technology. The ultimate goal of the Showcase is to cultivate entrepreneurial skills and business ideas while also celebrating and showcasing the VOICES of TCEL – those who have found and are ready to unleash their voice.


For more information or to participate in any of the programs listed above join TCEL.